New technology to hit our shores

High performance paint, sealants and caulks which are revolutionising the paint industry across the world are now in Australia.

The rubber based coatings, the only coatings in the world that utilise recycled waste tyres, have at least 50% rubber by volume. This high level of rubber creates a highly durable and waterproof surface that seals and insulates. Plus the elasticity of rubber makes it perfect for use on practically any surface including, roofs, patios, siding, interior and exterior walls, outdoor furniture, wooden and concrete step, and more. All the rubber based Hyperseal products are highly durable and provide ergonomic and insulation qualities, and tools used in application are easily cleaned with soap and water.

The sole glass only product, Glass Cool Top Coat containing glass microspheres, has been shown to drastically decrease surface temperature, decreasing your carbon dioxide emissions and decreasing the cost of cooling your home by up to 50%. This product is an elastomeric coating that has been formulated with high-quality glass microspheres.