This is the final step for the application of Parking Lot & Driveway on to the factory floor! If you have missed the first two blogs, find them here:

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Just a quick note to bring you up to date anyway, Hyperseal Australia was approached for more information about covering a factory floor, primarily for additional safety to be added to the factory but it was also specifically requested if any of our Hyperseal Australia products are environmentally friendly, green. Following our answers, as outlined in Post 1 of 3: Warehouse Floor, it was decided to go ahead with the factory floor with the product: Parking Lot & Driveway.

The above picture is the finished factory floor with one coat of Parking Lot & Driveway applied by a spray gun. This is such a versatile product and is very easy to apply. Application can be made with a spray gun, push broom, trowel or brush, and clean up requires no chemicals, simply wash clean equipment, tools and spills promptly with warm, soapy water.

And there you have it! An insulated, waterproof, slip resistant, ergonomic and durable floor covering that is very easy to apply and clean up after, and it’s environmentally friendly!


We were asked a number of questions about having increased safety in a factory environment and if Hyperseal Australia could help in the matter. The answer was, of course, Yes!

Yes à Hyperseal has a product, actually more than one,  that is slip resistant.
Hyperseal has products that are ergonomic, creating a surface that is enjoyable to walk while also being very durable.
Hyperseal products are very durable and waterproof and will also protect against oil.
Hyperseal products can be applied and be aesthetically pleasing, especially in this case, covering up stained concrete.
à Hyperseal products are green products, environmentally friendly and non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

For more information about the decision process, see Post 1 of 3: Warehouse Floor.

With all the important questions asked, preparation for the application can begin. There is not a lot to do in preparation for application in this case as the surface that the coating is to go onto is in good condition and simply requires a sweep to remove any loose foreign materials. However, as a spray gun was to be utilised, the goods surrounding the area need to be protected, just in case. In this scenario, paper was taped to the concrete to protect and contain the area to be sprayed.

Wouldn’t you know it! We were just about to start the spray gun and a roo got in and made a mess! After wrangling it out of the factory, all was ready to start spraying!

Stay tuned for the finished images!

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Recently, Hyperseal Australia have had a query about a warehouse environment that is concerned with the safety of the floor which is currently concrete. A coating was requested that would fit within a number of parameters. This is the first post about this project, there are two more coming. This is the before application.

  • The brief that was given for an area in a warehouse is primarily for safety. A slip-resistant coating that is also ergonomic, and will protect the concrete surface from any oil spills and the movement of a forklift. It must be very durable, is this possible?
  • Would it also be possible for the coating to be aesthetically pleasing, not only protect and waterproof, but look good as well?
  • Is it too much to ask that the coating be environmentally friendly and green?

This and more is possible with Hyperseal Australia. For the above, we have suggested the product Parking Lot & Driveway which covers all of the requested specifications and more.

Parking Lot & Driveway contains over 50% recycled rubber by volume. This means that this coating is incredibly durable, while also being slip-resistant, ergonomic and waterproof. The high levels of rubber in the structure of Parking Lot & Driveway also ensure that the coating is highly resistant to oil and grease.

Does Parking Lot & Driveway look good? Yes, it is aesthetically pleasing. Not only does it protect and provide a durable surface, but the stained concrete will no longer be visible, rendering the general area of the application more presentable. Look forward to the after photo to be posted in the coming days.

Not only is Parking Lot & Driveway a green product, it is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. With over 50% recycled rubber by volume, Hyperseal Australia is made primarily of recycled waste tyres.

These responses all lead to the next round of questions, primarily about application.

Check back soon for preparation and application questions, and another photo!

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