If you have been to our home page, you might have noticed that there are two featured products every month! This month, Parking Lot & Driveway and Liner are our two featured products. If you missed it, check out our blog post about  Parking Lot & Driveway. Today’s focus is on a unique product we call Liner.

Liner is a coating that contains more than 50% cryogenically crushed, recycled rubber. So what? It’s actually pretty interesting what this paint is capable of. Interesting, yes, but also very cool.

Rubber on its own has some unique properties which it brings with it to lend Liner as they are integrated to become one product. I know, everyone knows about rubber’s traits, but let me take a second to highlight what this means for Liner. Rubber is highly durable, flexible and waterproof. These characteristics, with the utilisation of the suspended rubber in the patented formula that makes Liner, are now characteristics of Liner itself.

What this means is that, aside from the obvious, already mentioned traits, Liner also:

  • Protects and insulates
  • Is dent and scratch resistant
  • Resists oils and solvents
  • Is low VOC

But these are only some of the features of Liner, it is also non-toxic and non-carcinogenic AND my favourite, all you need to clean your tools and any spills is soapy water. I know, I know, it sounds ludicrous, but trowels, paint brushes and spray guns can be cleaned with water!

To top it all off, Liner is a product which is environmentally friendly. It is helping us reduce the abundance of tyre waste throughout the world while solving multiple problems with one coating!

What more could you want in one coating?