Every month we try and display a new product as our featured product, which tends to stay in place for a month before a new featured product is displayed.

This month, and until around sometime in November, Parking Lot & Driveway is one of the featured products of Hyperseal Australia. 

This dynamic product is, well . . . pretty cool, if I say so myself. 

The first thing I like about this product is that it is labelled with a bright yellow colour. Yellow always puts a smile in the air, it's such a happy colour. Well, it is when it is the right shade, and Parking Lot & Driveway displays the right shade.

Don't care about the packaging? I don't blame you! Who cares what it looks like on the outside? What's in the bucket?

If you have had a look at this product you will know that is made up of alot of rubber. So what? Who cares if there is rubber in a coating? Let me assure you, this is a very cool component to have within a coating. The rubber enables Parking Lot & Driveway to have traits of the rubber. This results in this coating being highly slip resistant. It also means that the surface which is coated with Parking Lot & Driveway is protected, waterproof and . . . ergonomic.

Parking Lot & Driveway is available in grey and black. But, if these are not colours that you are interested in, you can paint over it. Obviously some of the unique features may be a little diminished with a coat of a different product over the top, but, hey, a black driveway isn't always everyone's cup of tea.

One of rubber's key characteristics is its flexibility. One of Parking Lot & Driveway's key characteristics is its flexibility. Coincidence? You might think that, but this means that Parking Lot & Driveway has the innate ability to flex and retract with seasonal temperature changes.

Have I caught your interest? Want to know more about Parking Lot & Driveway?

Check out the products page, or give us a call!

If you've been checking the stockists page on the website or if you follow Hyperseal Australia on Facebook, you might have noticed that there are a few more locations where Hyperseal Australia is available! However, if you are not, we thought that we might put together a list of stockists together for your perusal, in alphabetical order of the stockist – as opposed to the suburb. If you have any questions or are in the Waterloo area in Sydney or the East Brisbane area in Queensland, Herkes also has Hyperseal Australia on hand. But without further ado, Hyperseal Australia stockists:


3D Inspirations Paint & Colour – Campbelltown
3D Inspirations Paint & Colour – Cremorne
3D Inspirations Paint & Colour – Maroubra
3D Inspirations Paint & Colour – Penrith
3D Inspirations Paint & Colour - Rockdale
Autowest Paint Supplies – Penrith
Ducolour Paint Centre – Guildford
Go Hardware – Wetherill Park
Hardware & General – Brookvale
Hardware & General – Dural
Hardware & General – Marayong
Hardware & General – Peakhurst
Jaguar Tools – Seven Hills
Merilux – Five Dock
Merilux – Guildford
Merilux – Haberfield
Merilux – Hurlestone Park
Merilux - Penrith
VG Auto Paints & Tools – Girraween


The Production Shop – East Brisbane

If you haven’t heard about Hyperseal Australia's All Purpose, allow me to introduce this incredibly versatile product. Yes, this product is called All Purpose, originally marketed solely as a primer, but as its name suggests, All Purpose is so much more than a primer! Normally, and I am generalising here, primers, paints and sealants are renowned for containing toxic chemicals, high VOCs and other environmentally damaging substances. But not this coating! This unique product has none of these negative properties. Yes, you read that correctly. Hyperseal Australia's All Purpose is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and very low VOCs.

What is All Purpose?

All Purpose is a coating, but it is so much more than merely a coating. It is a coating containing up to 50% recycled rubber to volume. This makes All Purpose tough but also a coating that protects. All Purpose adheres to almost all surfaces including roofs, siding, tile, wood, metal, concrete, plastic and many other surfaces.

Why this Coating?

All Purpose is one part of the complete roof solution. It is a sealant and protecting coating that enables a roof to be sealed, waterproofed, insulated and protected with one product. Used in conjunction with Glass Cool Top Coat, a roof can be protected and reflect most of the heat that the weather directs to a roof. This means that internal temperatures can be decreaed by up to 50%.

For your complete environmentally friendly roof solution, Hyperseal Australia's All Purpose and Glass Cool Top Coat integrate perfectly with solar panels.

Roofs are just one area that Hyperseal Primer is perfect for. However, it is also an ergonomic floor covering or a protectant sealant for most surfaces.