If you haven’t heard about Hyperseal Australia's All Purpose, allow me to introduce this incredibly versatile product. Yes, this product is called All Purpose, originally marketed solely as a primer, but as its name suggests, All Purpose is so much more than a primer! Normally, and I am generalising here, primers, paints and sealants are renowned for containing toxic chemicals, high VOCs and other environmentally damaging substances. But not this coating! This unique product has none of these negative properties. Yes, you read that correctly. Hyperseal Australia's All Purpose is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and very low VOCs.

What is All Purpose?

All Purpose is a coating, but it is so much more than merely a coating. It is a coating containing up to 50% recycled rubber to volume. This makes All Purpose tough but also a coating that protects. All Purpose adheres to almost all surfaces including roofs, siding, tile, wood, metal, concrete, plastic and many other surfaces.

Why this Coating?

All Purpose is one part of the complete roof solution. It is a sealant and protecting coating that enables a roof to be sealed, waterproofed, insulated and protected with one product. Used in conjunction with Glass Cool Top Coat, a roof can be protected and reflect most of the heat that the weather directs to a roof. This means that internal temperatures can be decreaed by up to 50%.

For your complete environmentally friendly roof solution, Hyperseal Australia's All Purpose and Glass Cool Top Coat integrate perfectly with solar panels.

Roofs are just one area that Hyperseal Primer is perfect for. However, it is also an ergonomic floor covering or a protectant sealant for most surfaces.

This is the final step for the application of Parking Lot & Driveway on to the factory floor! If you have missed the first two blogs, find them here:

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Just a quick note to bring you up to date anyway, Hyperseal Australia was approached for more information about covering a factory floor, primarily for additional safety to be added to the factory but it was also specifically requested if any of our Hyperseal Australia products are environmentally friendly, green. Following our answers, as outlined in Post 1 of 3: Warehouse Floor, it was decided to go ahead with the factory floor with the product: Parking Lot & Driveway.

The above picture is the finished factory floor with one coat of Parking Lot & Driveway applied by a spray gun. This is such a versatile product and is very easy to apply. Application can be made with a spray gun, push broom, trowel or brush, and clean up requires no chemicals, simply wash clean equipment, tools and spills promptly with warm, soapy water.

And there you have it! An insulated, waterproof, slip resistant, ergonomic and durable floor covering that is very easy to apply and clean up after, and it’s environmentally friendly!