I know right? Its name is Liner - what does it line? What is it used for?

Let me tell you! Liner was originally designed to line the beds of utes and trucks. However, it is such a versatile coating that it has been used for other purposes as well!

Liner has a very high consistency of rubber in its make up, which enables this coating, Liner, to incorporate the traits of rubber. 

What does this mean?

Liner is flexible, contracting and expanding in temperature changes. It is incredibly durable and highly protective of both the surface that it is coated over and also objects that come into contact with the coating. The high rubber consistency also enables Liner to be ergonomic and a very good insulator. Insulation as protection and insulation against heat.

Have I got your attention? For more information about liner click here.

The featured product of the moment is Parking Lot & Driveway. You may have noticed that the featured product changes, normally around the middle of each month, so don’t forget to check back each month for the monthly featured products!

There are two featured products, but today the focus is on Parking Lot & Driveway.

This product is so versatile that people are constantly telling us of new uses for it. To tell you the truth, it reminds me a little of Gaffa Tape, and the saying ‘Gaffa tape is like the Force, it has a light side and dark side and holds the world together’. I guess, as I see it, where Gaffa tape cannot waterproof and protect surfaces; Hyperseal takes over.

To Seal, Waterproof and Protect, that might need to be the new mission statement for Parking Lot & Driveway. But this still does not describe all elements that this versatile product is capable of.

As you know, a large percentage of its composition is rubber. This means that the surface that is applied with Parking Lot & Driveway (as well as the above mentioned excellent points) is insulated and ergonomic.

I know that I have personally felt the difference, after walking across a parking lot of standard bitumen, on a stinking hot summers day, I happened to be wearing a skirt – I know this is not everyone’s chosen dress code, but it would be the same if you were wearing shorts. The heat that was reflected off the bitumen was intense and extremely uncomfortable. Half the parking lot was painted in Parking Lot & Driveway. On walking onto a coated section of the parking lot, the effect was immediately felt. There was still some heat reflected off the coated ground, but nothing in comparison to the heat treated thermals that were hitting my legs on crossing the uncoated bitumen. I immediately felt relief as the temperature around me felt like it had dropped. The effect really was quite astonishing. The only disappointing thing about this experiment was that I then had to return across the uncoated bitumen and endure what felt like sunburn emanating from the ground.

If you have a surface that needs coating, why not give Parking Lot & Driveway a go! If you have cracks that need to be filled first, for a flat and smooth finish, checkout Caulk - Crack Filler before coating with Parking Lot & Driveway.


This is the final step for the application of Parking Lot & Driveway on to the factory floor! If you have missed the first two blogs, find them here:

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Post 2 of 3: Warehouse Floor – Preparation

Just a quick note to bring you up to date anyway, Hyperseal Australia was approached for more information about covering a factory floor, primarily for additional safety to be added to the factory but it was also specifically requested if any of our Hyperseal Australia products are environmentally friendly, green. Following our answers, as outlined in Post 1 of 3: Warehouse Floor, it was decided to go ahead with the factory floor with the product: Parking Lot & Driveway.

The above picture is the finished factory floor with one coat of Parking Lot & Driveway applied by a spray gun. This is such a versatile product and is very easy to apply. Application can be made with a spray gun, push broom, trowel or brush, and clean up requires no chemicals, simply wash clean equipment, tools and spills promptly with warm, soapy water.

And there you have it! An insulated, waterproof, slip resistant, ergonomic and durable floor covering that is very easy to apply and clean up after, and it’s environmentally friendly!