Our home distribution base has moved to a new, exciting and more easily accessible home.

We are now located at Unit 10, 26-34 Dunning Ave, Rosebery. Just around the corner from our old home but with a swanky new showroom. Come on in and have a rubber neck, or if you want more information about any of our products, please call 02 9319 3133.

I know right? Its name is Liner - what does it line? What is it used for?

Let me tell you! Liner was originally designed to line the beds of utes and trucks. However, it is such a versatile coating that it has been used for other purposes as well!

Liner has a very high consistency of rubber in its make up, which enables this coating, Liner, to incorporate the traits of rubber. 

What does this mean?

Liner is flexible, contracting and expanding in temperature changes. It is incredibly durable and highly protective of both the surface that it is coated over and also objects that come into contact with the coating. The high rubber consistency also enables Liner to be ergonomic and a very good insulator. Insulation as protection and insulation against heat.

Have I got your attention? For more information about liner click here.

One of this months featured products is the, at this moment in time, only product of Hyperseal Australia that contains suspended glass micro-spheres and no rubber.

That does not mean that this coating is not as useful, if not more useful than the Hyperseal Australia range that contains rubber, it really does depend on the purpose for the application of the coating!

If you are looking for a coating that has excellent waterproof properties, easy to use and is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, Glass Cool Top Coat has all the properties.

Glass Cool Top Coat is a coating that has the ability to resist oils and solvents and ponding water. 

My favourite aspect of Glass Cool Top Coat is it's cooling abilities. With the unique suspended glass micro-spheres in the coating, when applied to a rooftop, a large percentage of the sun's rays are reflected. It also helps that the recommended colour of Glass Cool Top Coat is white. When used in conjunction with All Purpose, the internal temperature of a building can be reduced by up to 50%! (More on this in a later blog post - and why this happens!) The result of this can be seen in the reduced need to electrically cool the area and this then results in reduced cooling costs!